Diaper Service

The Little Bum Life & Diaper Service is modern cloth diapering that's easy on you and the environment!  Your diapers are delivered weekly in a clean, reusable pail liner.  We adhere to a washing process to ensure your diapers are clean and sanitary.

Using cloth diapers is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. The Little Bum Life will deliver cloth diaper prefolds to your door in a heavy duty/industrial quality reusable pail liner.
  2. Wrap the soft cloth diaper around your baby. When changing, just put the dirty diaper in your diaper pail. No rinsing, soaking, or hassle.
  3. Set your soiled diapers out in the pail liner for pick up on your designated delivery day and they will be replaced with clean, fresh diapers in a clean pail liner.

Our Prefold Diaper Service and our Laundering Service is available to anyone in our service area.  Check our Delivery Area page to see where we service.  Read all the details and find the sign up page below!


Prefold Diaper Service

This service includes:

  • Cotton prefold diapers - up to 140 diapers in rotation. 
  • Pick up and delivery each week
  • Laundering service
  • Additional diapers are available for a small fee


  • $30 a week
  • Discounts applied for pre-paid services.

There is a one-time initial start up fee of $35 which includes an odor free cloth diaper pail (14 gal-returned at the end of service), a clean heavy duty/industrial quality pail liner your diapers are delivered in each week, & a citrus filter circle every month; stops odors and prevents moisture and mold.
Industrial Pail Liner PinkOriginal_Diaper_PailDiaper_Pail_Replacement_Discs

*items shown are representative of the items you will receive, not the actual items